Merry Christmas and Hoppy New Year

As this holiday season is upon us, we reflect on this past year and know that during one of the hardest points, we have been truly blessed. In our daily life, we have Rusty the Bunnyman’s Auntie Barb, who was by our side at each doctor’s appointment, surgery day, post surgery meltdowns and after surgery life successes. Everyone needs an Auntie Barb in their lives. 💕😊  We have Rusty’s hoomin Grandma who helped us give him a chance at a new life.

We have even more things to be grateful for… You. The Tripawd community.  Your help, guidance and support throughout the whole process and after was more than anyone could ever have dreamed of. It is made what was a truly heartbreaking and horrifying experience manageable,  and sometimes,  dare I say, actually happy. Bell ringing for fellow Tripawds, watching feral boys become tame, hearing about the adventures of hopping cats and dogs, these are things I cherish.

We are blessed. Merry Christmas my Tripawd family.