611 days cancer free and counting 😊

Hello my fellow Tripawds😺!

How did your day start?  My day started with Mommy and Daddy giving me AWESOME head scritches, belly rubs AND breakfast in bed!  😻

Then Mommy scooped me up and put me in that evil bag!  🙀 As much as I vocalized my objections, Mommy and Daddy brought me to The Doctor .  I tried to tell them I am feeling just fine and they didn’t need to spend the time or money to have someone else say the SAME thing, but NO!  They refused to listen.  😾

So what happened? Dr. Scott said I was a good boy in perfect health. Duh!  Of course I am!  The bump on my shoulder is a cyst. If it gets bigger, Mommy and Daddy will have it removed but nothing is needed yet.  😺

I lost weight! 7% of my body weight gone.  It must be all the mouse patrol and squeaky mouse on a string I work hard capturing every day🏋️‍♀️.

Dr. Scott trimmed my nails so now I have to work on getting them pointy again. 😼

We are back home and I found my sunbeam. I will make my hoomins grovel appropriately for such a traumatic morning.

Head scritches and Sand Paper Kisses,

Rusty the Bunnyman

and his hoomin servants- Gina and Nick