One Year… ALL CLEAR!

Geez … How many times to have to tell my Mom and Dad that I am SUPER BUNNYMAN!

Fellow Tripawds…Do you know how they decided to celebrate my one year ampuversary?? They took me to the doctor!  Dr. Scott is cool and all, he even gave me extra scritches to congratulate me, but, the doctor, really???  I can think of so many other ways to celebrate… ice cream, naps in sunbeams, playing with my carrot, napping with my daddy… but nooooooooo…. they chose the Dr!!!

Since this is what they decided to do to celebrate, I was on my best behavior and let those people poke me and trim my nails.

Dr. Scott called Mom today while I was napping and told her I am 100% healthy!  The bump is a just a little cyst so she can just keep an eye on it and my bloodwork is COMPLETELY in range.  DUH!  I could have told her that and we could have avoided the car ride where I lectured her and Daddy quite extensively on the error of their ways.  Now back to the important schedule of the Bunnyman.


Nap with Daddy on the couch. 

Scale the back of the couch to watch CatTV.

And play with my favorite carrot! 

Thank you everyone for all of your pawsitive thought and energy!  Here’s to another year cancer free!

Head Scritches and Sandpaper Kisses,

Rusty The BunnyMan (and his hoomin servants, Gina and Nick)