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Rusty the Bunnyman

"He neither a bunny nor a man, but he's our Bunnyman!"

Rusty the Bunnyman

Annual Checkup Pending…

September 21st, 2018 · 7 Comments · Uncategorized

This week marks a year since our boy became a Tripawd. He has been doing great. No visible signs of anything being wrong except one very small lump, like a skin tag, by his shoulder. It doesn’t seem to bother Rusty if I touch it when I pet him. No other signs. He plays and cuddles more than ever.


We have our vet appointment tomorrow (Saturday 9/22/2018) at 9:30 am with Dr.Scott for his normal checkup. We will have him look at the bump then.

Prayers and positive thoughts for our Bunnyman please! ❤️


11 months and counting

August 17th, 2018 · 5 Comments · After Surgery, Uncategorized

Hi everyone!  It’s been a little while since Mommy posted so I figured I better give you the update.  Which is I am still awesome and really playing up my cuteness!

So this time last year, Mommy noticed that horrible lump in my leg and, little did we know then, but my journey to becoming a tripawd began.

She tells me that we have to see Dr. Scott again next month to confirm that everything is going well. I know I was one of the lucky ones. I was able to just have the icky part removed and not have to go for the yucky chemo stuff because there was no sign of cancer in the rest of my body. I have been able to be so happy and loving towards my Hoomins now that the pain is gone.  I try to keep showing her that everything is OK but you know how Mommys can get… always worrying… but look…

I even found a HUGE RED DOT that I CAN CATCH!  Would a sick boy be able to do this with such finesse?  I think not!  (I stalked that dot from my Rocket Ship.)


Mommy will keep all of my furry friends and their hoomins updated when we go to the vet. She said she will let you know when she actually schedules the appointment.

Pawsitive energy and prayers for continued good health reports please!

Purrs and Sandpaper Kisses,

Rusty the Bunnyman


Nifty Nine… by Rusty

June 28th, 2018 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

Hi everyone!

As I just hopped over the nine month anniversary of my amputation, boy do I need a nap!

I have been doing SO MANY things as a tripawd.  Mommy doesn’t let me go outside so I have to watch all of my bird and squirrel friends through Cat TV.  Now that it is finally warm here in New Jersey, this can go on for hours!  Mommy and Daddy even put a bowl of peanuts outside the TV (door) to get them to come closer to me. Here is a 16 sec video of me Squirrel Watching.

I still go on mouse patrol although I haven’t caught any other mice since my 7 month anniversary.  They are all scared of me now!  They KNOW better and stay out of MY house!

I have started doing something else new this month too and scaring Mommy every single time I do it… Remember how I told you about my favorite window spot in her bedroom?  Welllllll… Mommy and Daddy have had my stairs there since my surgery and I still love hanging out there.  (I have about 7 sets of stairs throughout the house going to beds, couches, chairs, windows… you get the picture).  But you know what is only about 18 inches away from that spot? MOMMY’s BED!

For the past 8 months, I would walk down the window stairs and then hop back up the bed stairs to lay there.  Do you know how much extra energy that takes? Up and down and up and down… Geesh… They never told me about the shortcut!!!  If I JUMP from the window perch to the bed, I am RIGHT THERE! OMG! Mommy said something about me missing the jump when I had four legs.  How many times do I have to remind her that I am now a Super Tripawd and just relax..

What else have I been up to?  I stole a magnet off the fridge that Mommy bought when she was away from me in Argentina for work.  I know she must have bought it for me, why else would she get it?  I put it in my rocket ship (a clear plastic storage bin that nobody can see me in when I lay in it.  It is great for sneak attacks when they walk by…) and play with it a lot.  I still entertain Daddy when he plays with the squeaky mouse on a string.  I now play with any guests we have and bravely lay in the middle of the room they hang out in.

So you can see why I am so tired!  Nightly patrols, new jumping aerobics, visits with hoomins, birds, squirrels, rocket ships, entertaining Daddy… figuring out what I can do next…

This Tripawd is busy!!

By the way, Mommy says I am doing so well that the next time I have to see that Dr. Scott guy is still September.  He’s nice but I hate the car ride going there so that is purrfectly fine by me.  Until then, I will keep getting stronger and showing the world what we tripawds can do!


With Purrs and Sandpaper Kisses,

Rusty the Bunnyman, Extraordinaire!


7 months post surgery… by Rusty

April 26th, 2018 · 7 Comments · Uncategorized

So, for the past 7 months, I have been telling my pawrents that I can do A LOT of things!  Don’t worry so much.  I am their strong and healthy boy.   They have been very good about giving me these things that I can climb on so I can sleep in the middle of Mommy’s spot on the bed and look out my favorite window.  Every night I go on Mouse Patrol, staring at the thing they call a dishwasher for hours at a time because I knew I saw a mouse there 2 years ago…and… one day, he would be back!  I know my mommy and daddy smile and think I am silly but I still protect them every night when they are sleeping.

Well, TONIGHT I CAUGHT THE MOUSE!  When I had four legs I couldn’t get him.  Now that I have three, I GOT HIM.  I left him for Mommy and Daddy right in their bedroom so they would know what a good boy and mouser I am.

Four legs… pssssh… who needs them!  We tripawds rock!

Yes I have two carrots. And??? I deserve them! Did YOU catch the mouse?



Six month checkup…All Clear!

March 24th, 2018 · 10 Comments · Uncategorized

As every pawrent on this site knows, each and every checkup brings fears back up to the surface, second guessing if you missed anything that could have meant something changed, and the fragile hope that everything is truly ok.

As Rusty’s hoomins, we went through all of these and more as we approached his 6 month checkup. After getting lectured by Rusty on the finer points of being in his carrier, on a car ride, handed over to strangers, who, after doings x-rays and other tests, had the nerve to trim his nails, we sat down with the vet. Other than getting his weight down a little bit, he is clear and cancer free!  We have graduated to the ‘see you in 6 months’ cautiously hopeful response from Dr. Scott.

Thank you for the continued love and support from everyone here. Here’s to another six! 🍾

Head Scritches and Sand Paper Kisses,

Gina, Nick and Rusty the Bunnyman