Happy Valentines Day to my fellow Tripawds

Hello everyone! Sorry we disappeared!

Mommy told me she never updated you after my bump was taken off and I got my new look, like something from the movie Grease!  Cute right?!

My good side

well, Mommy  went on a business trip shortly after that, and within 24 hours I had my new shirt off. I was quite proud of myself.  Daddy couldn’t believe it!

Daddy didn’t even bother trying to put it back on but I was a good boy and didn’t scratch my stitches.  After mommy got home, they brought me back to Dr. Scott again… And my stitches were removed. You wouldn’t even know I ever had a boo-boo there.

I have been busy since then.

I helped them wrap Christmas gifts

And napped under the Christmas lights

And in Auntie Barbara’s bag when she came to visit.

Other than that, I still rule the house. I have recently decided that laying on top of mommy is the best way to sleep at night. I can’t believe I was ever scared of  Hoomins. You guys are really cool!

I hope everything is going well for my fellow tripawds.

Head scritches and sandpaper kisses

Rusty the Bunnyman

I have a new look!

Today we had to go back to Dr. Scott.  My onesie kept moving and rubbing on my stitches.  I guess that is one of the things about being an totally cool Tripawd… clothes made for 4 legged furbabies may not work so well.

Even though Dr. Scott and the vet tech told on me, saying I complained quite a bit while he was checking my stitches and coming up with another solution to cover them, Mommy says I was still her awesome brave boy.  I now have a really cool new look too!   It feels so much better than the onesie did.  I feel FREE!  I can move around, use my stairs, and, most important, Mommy can give me real belly rubs again.

Here are some other angles to show my cuteness in my new homemade turtleneck.

My good side

Another good side
(Preparing for belly rubs)

Time for my close up!

Although I did give Mommy a good talking to in the car, I am much happier after seeing Dr. Scott.  I guess this was a good trip.  He said that thing about seeing me in two weeks again… hmmm….

Anyway, I hope my other tripawd friends are doing OK!

Head Scritches and Sandpaper kisses.

Rusty the Bunnyman and his loyal scribe (Mommy Gina)

Mass removal… confirmed cyst 🥰


My fellow Tripawds.  When will our pawrents listen?

I TOLD Mommy and Daddy that I was fine but nooooo… into that stupid bag and off to Dr Scott we went today.

It was a long day, waking up in a strange place with a onesie on!

Don’t worry though, I am back home and as those meds wear off, I am working on getting this silly thing off.  I am already stressing Mommy out  🤣 since my stitches are showing.

Awesome note: No biopsy needed  since it was definitely a cyst.

Dr Scott told me I was a good boy and he would see me in two weeks… wait… TWO WEEKS?!

Mommy- we need to talk!




Looking as cute as ever…

Mommy said to tell you guys that I am still doing awesome. She said something about visiting Dr. Scott at the end of the month, October 28, to remove the pesky bump on my right shoulder. I told her we don’t have to go but she won’t listen. I still catch my squeaky mousy  and roll around with my carrot… Sometimes right on that spot.  No problems!

The procedure was delayed because of a packed surgery schedule for “Saint” Dr. Scott as Mommy calls him.   He says it is like a cyst, only on the surface.   Saint or not, I will make sure that Mommy knows how much I don’t want to go see him, especially in the car on the way there. Once I am there with Dr. Scott, I usually calm down and try to be a good boy for him. But maybe I can convince her not to go… 🤞

In the meantime I’ll just take another nap on Mommy’s side of the bed. I wish she would learn it is really my side of the bed that she can borrow sometimes.


I also heard Mommy was spreading rumors about me in a Onsie after surgery. I will have to see if this is Bunnyman approved! Thank goodness no cone of shame can be used this time. I can assure you, the cone they used after my original surgery was NOT Bunnyman approved!  I hear rumors that if I flop over and act like I am paralyzed when the vet techs put the onsie on me, they may try other options.  I could get some cool bandages like an old fashion war veteran… gauze wrapped around my whole shoulder and body for a few little stitches.   Which one will get me more sympathy and therefore treats and scritches? Things to contemplate in the weeks to come!

I will have Mommy update everyone once I have my surgery.

Head Scritches and Sandpaper kisses.

Rusty the Bunnyman  and his Hoomin scribe Gina

Two years since diagnosis…

Blessed to see this little face… two years since diagnosis and going strong.😻

Around this day two years ago, I noticed Rusty’s back leg was swollen.  A few days later the trips to the doctor began, first thinking that it was an injury, then an infection, and finally after a few weeks determining it was cancer.

( The complete story of our journey, including the photos of Rusty, home improvements for Rusty and more can be found here https://rustythebunnyman.tripawds.com/2017/10/11/a-whole-new-life/.)

Rusty’s 2nd ampuversary  is in September.  He will probably celebrate in a kitty cat onesie.  The lump on his shoulder will be removed around the same time. (Dr. Scott is pretty certain it is a cyst.) It will still be the best 2nd anniversary that we could think of ever celebrating.

We have so much to be thankful for every day:

  • That we saw this soon enough to take care of it
  • Rusty’s Grandma, we were fortunate enough to be able to act on this and give our Bunnyman a chance at a wonderful continued life.
  • Rusty’s Auntie Barb
    • Went to every appointment with us to make sure we were hearing everything that was being said.
    • Helped calm Mommy down when Rusty refused his meds
    • Helped Mommy get him into the carrier after the surgery when she thought she was going to rip open his stitches.
    • Still helps care for him when his hoomins have to go away

We were also blessed to find this site and the people here to help us through every life changing moment.

He has continued to bring us so much joy  and has become an even more loving creature than he was before- allowing belly rubs (by certain people) and lots of head scritches, hanging out with family and friends when they visit, cuddling with his humans every night  and just being a wonderful Lord and Master for us to serve.

Thank you to everyone here for their support of Rusty the Bunnyman and his humble hoomin servants.

Head Scritches and Sand Paper Kisses for all.

Gina, Nick and Rusty our Bunnyman.