Rusty has gained his wings

My heart is broken.  We made the call. Dr.Scott agreed it was time.We brought Rusty in and helped him to the Rainbow Bridge this morning.

Until the very end, our boy was giving us gifts of love and memories.  As mentioned in earlier posts, he chose Daddy’s comic book room in the basement to hang out in for a few days.  On Thursday evening we had checked on Rusty in the basement and came back upstairs.

We were sitting in the living room and heard MEOW. He was upstairs on his own.

He hung in the hallway for a little bit then up on my bed.

He cuddled with Mommy overnight and stayed in the bedroom all day Friday, alternating between the closet, blankets on the floor and the bed.
I woke up to this face.

We watched some Cat TV.

We had one more night of sleeping on the bed with Mommy and his carrot.

This morning we knew. We love him forever and are grateful for what he gave us.  We had to give him our last gift. Peace.

(you can see in this last picture of him at the vets office today, he didn’t have the Bunnyman life in his eyes (although he did fight the catheter and complained to Dr Scott).  )

Thank you to the Tripawd nation for your prayers, support and love from the first moment our little boy was introduced to you.

With love… head scritches and memories of his sand paper kisses…

Gina and Nick

Author: reilly95

Aug/Sept ‘17, the back leg of Rusty was swollen. HSA cancer was diagnosed. Back left leg amputated. He remained cancer free over 900 days. Cancer returned as of emergency visit on day 931. 15 days later, he gained his wings 04/18/2020 due to congestive heart failure.

6 thoughts on “Rusty has gained his wings”

  1. You are all in my heart, in my thoughts, and I am crying with you right now. You gave Rusty the best life a Bunnyman could ask for. My Falcor, Gazoo, Sylvester, and Molly will take good care of him and show him how to make those dogs drool…. no doubt!
    It was an honor to follow you and watch the amazing love, compassion, and willingness to let Rusty do things his way.
    I know it was time, I know he was ready, and still the tears are flowing . Having a hard time typing through the tears.
    I know Rusty was given a true blessing when you walked into his life. And I know he was a blessing for you to have. He will always be with you in heart and in spirit. Love you guys.
    Jackie and Huckleberry

  2. Tears falling hard . This is so cery, very sad.
    Not as much for Risty though, not at all. The boy is free now!! Running free and earing like a Champ now!!

    I know the Bridge had a welcome home pawty the likes of which they’d never hosted before
    And the first thing the Angel’s did when he got there was give him scritches” on that special spot on his head he liked scritched.

    And even a dozen or so squirrels were there to greet him! He gor to do a little bit of chasing after them on FOUR legs!!
    He also has his cery own toy chest full of squeaky mouse and carrot toy.
    Ues, is is a true honor to be on thismjoirney with this MIRACLE King of the House kitty and his devoted and loyal servants!
    Because of Mr Rusty The Bunnyman, other kitties made this journey of hope and a pain free extetended quality life. That was because of you Rusty!!
    I know the void is devasing right now. Unbearable. We are here. We understand.
    Thank you Rusty. for being our shiny light of hope AND fun!! You gave us so much joy with your se se of humor
    With love
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie

  3. Farewell for Now,
    We have a body for a little while on this Earth. My spirit is like yours and will never die.
    I will wait for you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. Until then our love links us through our memories! Love lives on furever!
    🌟Rusty the Bunnyman!🌟

    Out of sight, never our hearts.
    Our deepest sympathies!
    Holly, Mark, Purrkins & Saxton

  4. Nice Holly….”Our love links thru our memories “💖AMD Rusty gave thousands and thousands of beau memories. Even those last precious weeks, he made sure he created “Risty specific” memories for Nick and Gina to hold onto. He always found a unique way to stay a other say, “Nope, not leaving today.
    I sill have another couple of treasured mem6 I want my hoomans to have. “.
    And then when he knew they would be “okay” (broken-hearted, but okay), he was able to show them it was time to free his Soul out of those earth clothes. Rusty knew you had enough glorious memories to last a lifetime and a day. And he felt the same way.
    I’m just so grateful that some of those members were shared with us these past years. And, when you can, please share more.

    Surrounding you with Rusty’s sandpaper kisses
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie

  5. I’m so sorry you had to come to this hardest part of the journey! You gave Rusty the best life! Fly free new Angel 🌈😥

  6. I’m so very, very sorry you guys. How I wish our beloved animals could be with us forever. They make us whole, and when they are gone it’s like a big part of us is gone for good. In time we see that they are never far away, just in a different form, but right now I know it hurts. You have my deepest condolences.

    Rusty had such a big presence, and so much personality that you conveyed so beautifully in his blog. Thank you for allowing us the honor of getting to know all of you, and being part of the magic you shared together. He will always be a part of this community, and our hearts.

    Rusty, may you have all the carrots and scritches and wonderful things you love in this world, up at the Rainbow Bridge. We shall meet again some day my friend. Until then, be good and say hello to all our Tripawd angels OK?

    Love you guys.

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