The Power of the Carrot: Tiny changes

In an effort to make sure our Lord and Master, Sir Rusty the Bunnyman, is the most comfortable and content that he could be, we brought two of his favorite blankets, a towel fresh out of the dryer so it was toasty warm, and HIS CARROT to him in the basement.  He had been laying facing out on the chair.  When we put the carrot down, he moved right over to it.  Bunnymen need their carrots!!

When I went to visit him this morning, this is the cuteness that awaited me.


He also accepted some food!

I don’t expect miracles.  I already have received more than my share with him.

      • He chose us when we first met at an estate sale where the people were going to bring him to kill shelter that night in 2014.  There were a few families walking around and he came to us.
      • We survived his original cancer scare and amputation over 900 days ago
      • He was brought to the ER (day 931 since amputation) two weeks ago and we didn’t know if we would ever see him again
      • He is still with us today and seems to be resting OK.

We just want him to be happy and not in pain.  Without food for 10 days, he has grown weak.  If he going to stick around, he needs to eat.  If he is going to move on, then we are as OK with that as we can be.

So seeing him eat made me cry… again…

Thank you for all of the prayers and positive energy that each of you have sent Bunnyman’s way.  I believe it is making a difference!

Until the next update…

Gina and Nick




Author: reilly95

Aug/Sept ‘17, the back leg of Rusty was swollen. HSA cancer was diagnosed. Back left leg amputated. He remained cancer free over 900 days. Cancer returned as of emergency visit on day 931. 15 days later, he gained his wings 04/18/2020 due to congestive heart failure.

3 thoughts on “The Power of the Carrot: Tiny changes”

  1. This put a few tears of joy in my eyes too!!! THRILLED TO SEE HIM EAT….AND LOOKS LIKE HE ENJOYS IT TOO!! see him snuggle his know he we t right over to it….priceless memory!!
    I just love how he is giving you all these special treasured moments ts to make you smile….to always remind you that you let Mr Rusty the Bunnyman so things HIS way. All while surrounded by limitless love and devotion from his hoomans.❤💖
    You have your thought processes in check…he’s home, he’s happy…and that’s really the miracle of it all right now.
    Whisper in his ear how much we all love him, okay??
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. Awwww Rusty, you know how to bring out the cuteness factor. I’m so glad you are continuing to show little signs that you’re not in a hurry to get your wings. Your people have a good attitude about where you’re at in life, but having you stronger and sticking around just a little longer to enjoy your life, is such a gift to them and to us.

    We love you sweet Bunnyman!

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