Annual Checkup Pending…

This week marks a year since our boy became a Tripawd. He has been doing great. No visible signs of anything being wrong except one very small lump, like a skin tag, by his shoulder. It doesn’t seem to bother Rusty if I touch it when I pet him. No other signs. He plays and cuddles more than ever.


We have our vet appointment tomorrow (Saturday 9/22/2018) at 9:30 am with Dr.Scott for his normal checkup. We will have him look at the bump then.

Prayers and positive thoughts for our Bunnyman please! ❤️

Author: reilly95

Aug/Sept ‘17, the back leg of Rusty was swollen. HSA cancer was diagnosed. Back left leg amputated. He remained cancer free over 900 days. Cancer returned as of emergency visit on day 931. 15 days later, he gained his wings 04/18/2020 due to congestive heart failure.

9 thoughts on “Annual Checkup Pending…”

  1. Happy/hoppy Ampuversry Rusty!
    Best of luck today and prayers for the all clear!

    Prayers, good juju, and tripawd power are with you!

    Let us know, please. 🙏

    Holly & Purrkins❤️

  2. So far so good! Initial physical shows no issues. Watching the bump for now. Dr. Scott said in another cat he wouldn’t think beyond benign cyst.

    Waiting on blood work.

    And… need to lose a few pounds. 🤪

  3. I was nervous last night when we did not see an update. So glad to see one this morning.

    Any reason for watching the bump instead of a needle aspirate? “Why wait aspirate” is the Cancer Vet’s motto. It is a simple procedure in office no sedation fyi. Something to think about and look into.

    Prayers for great bloodwork and simple cyst.

    Deduct some calories from his daily allowance for tweets, please;) Scratches to Rusty!

    1. I can ask the Dr about aspiration of it. Not sure why he didn’t bring it up and I didn’t think of it.

      (Sorry for the delayed update yesterday! One of those busy-good busy-days.)

  4. I’m not surprised you didn’t think of it these appointments are scary enough! I would ask Gina to see what he says. Our vet gets the needle out right away if he sees something. It usually alleviates some concern and worst case it is something, and you have caught it early and can remove it. Saxton had an aspirate in the last six months it was an abscess. He needed antibiotics.

    Something to think about or ask. There is no right or wrong on this journey you know that. Needle aspirates are not always 100% accurate either but they can be, and they can rule stuff in and out. But that also means Rusty has to go back again. Rather tell you all this and you know your options either way.

    Yaay for busy, goood days!
    Scrachtes to Rusty please!

  5. I’m just now cating up….

    First, YAY RUSTY! I can’t believe a year has gone by. Wow you make it look easy!

    Glad to hear the vet visit went well and you’re getting some information about that lump. Definitely want to aspirate just for peace of mind. All bets say it ain’t no thing but we’ll be waiting for an update.

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