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Rusty the Bunnyman

"He neither a bunny nor a man, but he's our Bunnyman!"

Rusty the Bunnyman

Six month checkup…All Clear!

March 24th, 2018 · 10 Comments · Uncategorized

As every pawrent on this site knows, each and every checkup brings fears back up to the surface, second guessing if you missed anything that could have meant something changed, and the fragile hope that everything is truly ok.

As Rusty’s hoomins, we went through all of these and more as we approached his 6 month checkup. After getting lectured by Rusty on the finer points of being in his carrier, on a car ride, handed over to strangers, who, after doings x-rays and other tests, had the nerve to trim his nails, we sat down with the vet. Other than getting his weight down a little bit, he is clear and cancer free!  We have graduated to the ‘see you in 6 months’ cautiously hopeful response from Dr. Scott.

Thank you for the continued love and support from everyone here. Here’s to another six! 🍾

Head Scritches and Sand Paper Kisses,

Gina, Nick and Rusty the Bunnyman


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  • dougo1

    As a new member in the post op stage , my cookie had her amputation a week ago let me say WHOO HOO.
    That is wonderful news.

    I wish you and Rusty many more YEARS of cancer free living.

    • reilly95

      Thank you!
      Prayers for you and Cookie too. You are in the right place for what you guys are going through now in the future. There are so many boards and forms and even a hotline to call. No question is too big or too small here. You should see some of the conversations we have had on poop! 🤪

  • Purrkins

    Congrats again we can celebrate twice and keep celebrating!🎉🎉🎉

    Keep it up Rusty sorry you have to be on limited rations Purrkins understands it is no fun & it comes with the loss of a leg.

    You guys enjoy six months of no overthinking ok? It takes a day or 2 to recover from this crap.

    Enjoy your ☀️ sunray’s Rusty looks like you found the purrfect spot there!

    Holly & Purrkins ❤️

    • reilly95

      Celebrations are always accepted!

      He loves that spot. It is a guest bed on the second floor so most of the time, it is his. That is when he is not stealing my spot in the bed!

  • benny55

    Now I that isn’t just avout THE CUTEST PICTURE EVVVVER, I don’t know what is! 🙂 Grrrrrreat photo!!

    CONGRATULATIONS MR RUSTY VUNNYMAN!! Way to rock yi4ur check-up! 🙂 And way to inspire others starting this journey! 🙂

    So happy to be celw this spectacular milestw with you! Kee ’em coming! 🙂
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  • benny55

    Rarely do I go baxk and correct typos because it woukd take me days!

    Somehow the word “celebrating” ended up “celw” and “milestone” was “milesw”! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • linda8115

    Woo hoo doing the happy dance here!! Rusty looks thrilled with the great news 😂 Or else just happy to be home and done with the “vet” visit.

  • jerry

    You’ve got us hopping around and doing a joyful celebratory dance, congratulations guys! Smooches to Rusty, we are so proud.

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