7 months post surgery… by Rusty

So, for the past 7 months, I have been telling my pawrents that I can do A LOT of things!  Don’t worry so much.  I am their strong and healthy boy.   They have been very good about giving me these things that I can climb on so I can sleep in the middle of Mommy’s spot on the bed and look out my favorite window.  Every night I go on Mouse Patrol, staring at the thing they call a dishwasher for hours at a time because I knew I saw a mouse there 2 years ago…and… one day, he would be back!  I know my mommy and daddy smile and think I am silly but I still protect them every night when they are sleeping.

Well, TONIGHT I CAUGHT THE MOUSE!  When I had four legs I couldn’t get him.  Now that I have three, I GOT HIM.  I left him for Mommy and Daddy right in their bedroom so they would know what a good boy and mouser I am.

Four legs… pssssh… who needs them!  We tripawds rock!

Yes I have two carrots. And??? I deserve them! Did YOU catch the mouse?


Author: reilly95

Aug/Sept ‘17, the back leg of Rusty was swollen. HSA cancer was diagnosed. Back left leg amputated. He remained cancer free over 900 days. Cancer returned as of emergency visit on day 931. 15 days later, he gained his wings 04/18/2020 due to congestive heart failure.

7 thoughts on “7 months post surgery… by Rusty”

  1. Oh Rusty so good to hear from you!! You GOT that mouse finally, wow! You are such a cool kitty and you are SO rocking things on three💕

    Head butts, chin scratches, and hugs,
    Jackie and Huckleberry

  2. Happy/Hoppy 7 Month ampuversary Rusty
    And way to go for catching that sneaky mouse!

    Purrkins agrees with you Rusty minus limb yea whats the fuss about;) We thrive on three.

    Mice and carrots and tweats for you buddy!

    Tell Mom she needs to order you a Yeowww Toy on Amazon to celebrate ok!

    Scratches and belly rubs to you Rusty
    Holly & Purrkins❤️

  3. Oh Risty! You have me grinning ear to ear!!! This is such a good update (well, maybe not for the mouse) 🙂

    HAPPY SEVEN MONTH AMPUVERSARY HANDSOME!!! I think this calls for CARROT CAKEand ice cream!! 🙂

    Lots of love
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  4. Rusty! You did so good! Mommy & Daddy should find the hole that stupid mouse came in through, because if there’s 1, there’s more (how do I know this? hmmm…) lol
    You are a Rock Star!!!

  5. Hoppy 7 Month Ampuversary Rusty the Best of All Bunnymen!
    You are an incredible hunter and you keep your home super safe from the nasty mouses! Well done my boy!
    You deserve many more carrots lovey! And such a handsome fella to boot!
    Many hugs and multiple sandpaper kisses coming your way my darling!
    Ruv from Petra, Stewie, Spitfire Spikey, Chester McFiend, Miss Priss Lily and Tedwardo

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