Looking as cute as ever…

Mommy said to tell you guys that I am still doing awesome. She said something about visiting Dr. Scott at the end of the month, October 28, to remove the pesky bump on my right shoulder. I told her we don’t have to go but she won’t listen. I still catch my squeaky mousy  and roll around with my carrot… Sometimes right on that spot.  No problems!

The procedure was delayed because of a packed surgery schedule for “Saint” Dr. Scott as Mommy calls him.   He says it is like a cyst, only on the surface.   Saint or not, I will make sure that Mommy knows how much I don’t want to go see him, especially in the car on the way there. Once I am there with Dr. Scott, I usually calm down and try to be a good boy for him. But maybe I can convince her not to go… 🤞

In the meantime I’ll just take another nap on Mommy’s side of the bed. I wish she would learn it is really my side of the bed that she can borrow sometimes.


I also heard Mommy was spreading rumors about me in a Onsie after surgery. I will have to see if this is Bunnyman approved! Thank goodness no cone of shame can be used this time. I can assure you, the cone they used after my original surgery was NOT Bunnyman approved!  I hear rumors that if I flop over and act like I am paralyzed when the vet techs put the onsie on me, they may try other options.  I could get some cool bandages like an old fashion war veteran… gauze wrapped around my whole shoulder and body for a few little stitches.   Which one will get me more sympathy and therefore treats and scritches? Things to contemplate in the weeks to come!

I will have Mommy update everyone once I have my surgery.

Head Scritches and Sandpaper kisses.

Rusty the Bunnyman  and his Hoomin scribe Gina

Author: reilly95

At the end of August/beginning of September ‘17, I noticed the back leg of Rusty was a little swollen. HSA cancer was diagnosed. Back left leg amputated and is now cancer free for over 600 days.

3 thoughts on “Looking as cute as ever…”

  1. Oh Rusty!! You are still the most handsomest Bunnyman ever 💖💖💖
    Your mama makes quite an awesome scribe too 🙂
    I think you got this under control big boy… you just lay the law down and make sure they follow the bunny rules.
    I doubt that you will convince mama to cancel the deal.. it is sealed with love so just be a good boy and let her do what she’s gotta do, ok?
    Sending you all love, hugs, scritches, and pawsitive vibes for this to be a simple (and hopefully not too aggravating) procedure. I cannot WAIT to see you in your.. err.. maybe Halloween costume? Maybe you can talk mama into being a pirate with a pirate onesie 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Lots of love and hugs,
    Jackie and Huckleberry 💖

  2. Dang! Dis not see this blog until I went back to check out “rece t blogs” and BAM! Mr Bunnyman’s was there unread by me! And I do it like missing anyth6 avout Mr, Rusty Bunnyman! Why? Because we all adore him and because he is, after all….one of a kind, unique, special, adorable, funny, witty, smart, stubborn, outspoken…okay, you get the picture!

    Yeah Bunnyman, the Saint is going to fix you all up because that’s what Saints do. Sometimes they are pretty smart about stuff like lumps and bumps.

    We’ll be awaiting your update with MORE of your adorable poctures! We looooove all Mr Rusty Bunnyman poctires! And yeah, we agree, down with onesies!!!

    Lots of love to you and your mom❤
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  3. RUSTY! Cute as ever indeed. Thanks for the update!

    It’s good you are getting that pesky lump removed. Yeah it won’t be fun but now that all your servants have experience coping with your requirements after surgery, you should get through this easy peasy.

    Keep us posted OK? We are sending lots of pawsitivity!

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